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Cisco netconf client

The NETCONF client is a simple GUI client application that can be used to understand the implementation of the NETCONF protocol in Cisco E-DI. The NETCONF Network Manager, which is the NETCONF client, must use Secure Shell Version 2 (SSHv2) as the network transport to the. NETCONF servers are typically network devices such as routers or switches (or in some cases orchestrators/controllers); NETCONF clients use the NETCONF.

A laptop (Apple MacBook Pro running macOS Sierra and Google Chrome browser) is used as the NETCONF Client. It acts as the. The NETCONF Network Manager, which is the NETCONF client, must use Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF) Secure Shell Version 2 (SSHv2). NETCONF is an industry standard (IETF) network management protocol. when you need a NETCONF client to communicate with a NETCONF server, R xmlns =""> N N

NETCONF Working Group K. Watsen Internet-Draft Juniper Networks Intended status: Standards Track G. Wu Expires: December 6, Cisco Networks June . end. class ParseException Netconf client class. # [1] defines the netconf frame parsers . Advanced Netconf Explorer: Graphical Explorer for NETCONF / YANG and GNMI/ GRPC Telemetry & Java NETCONF client library - cisco-ie/anx. Namespace for Cisco netconf-specific code. class Cisco::Client::NETCONF Cisco::Client. end. # Auto-load all Ruby files in the subdirectory. +.