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Battle bulge game

Battle of the Bulge is a fast-paced WW2 game where precise movement and detailed planning make the difference between a vain attempt and. Avalon Hill (AH)'s "Battle of the Bulge" board war-game -- first edition published in Developed with the technical aid of General Anthony C. McAuliffe. Battle of the Bulge is a hugely enjoyable strategy game even if you have no interest in history. But the way in which it frames its source is.

"The Battle of the Bulge" continues the epic saga of the critically acclaimed and Strategic game battlemaker allows you to create your own Bulge campaigns. Battle of the Bulge is a board wargame published by Avalon Hill as part of the Smithsonian American History Series. The game simulates the World War II battle . Acclaimed developer Panther Games brings us to the bitter cold of Western Europe during the Winter of with Command Ops: Battles from the Bulge.

Battle of the Bulge invites you, the player, to lead the Axis or the Allies to victory on the snowy battlefields of World War II. In this turn-based strategy game, you.