Bfbc2 vietnam patch download

Bfbc2 vietnam patch

Gold, DLC, Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam, Addons of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam is an expansion pack for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and an indirect sequel to Battlefield Vietnam, borrowing heavily from it while still retaining the core. Buy Battlefield Bad Company 2 - SPECACT Kit Upgrade. The SPECACT Kit requires the base game Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on Steam to play. All four multiplayer game modes from Battlefield: Bad Company 2, including the genre-defining Conquest Mode, will be playable in Battlefield: Bad. For Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on the Xbox , a GameFAQs But although the patch contained Vietnam it also included 4 actual new maps.

For Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on the Xbox , a GameFAQs Yup, I can confirm, the Vietnam patch prompt comes up when you go into. Battlefield Bad Company 2 Multiplayer 4K 60fps (War Tapes) ( submitted 16 hours ago by Anyone play Vietnam still? (dejourneyhostel.company2). Explore Battlefield's history with videos and trailers for Battlefield Bad Company 2 , EA and DICE's award-winning first-person-shooter.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2™ brings the award-winning Battlefield gameplay to the forefront Unable to enter serial key [FIX] (Plus additional fixes and quirks). [Update: ] EA has announced that Vietnam will be released for PC on December 18, followed by Xbox and PlayStation 3 releases on.