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Cinegy ingest

Cinegy Ingest is a high quality, high volume media ingest system for broadcast and media production environments. It is capable of producing superior quality. Cinegy Ingest creates the "Succeeded" sub-folder in the watchdog folder as the . To assign a target node for your ingest session, use the "Choose a target.

SDI print to tape: DVS Centaurus II (LT), Atomix LT, Blackmagic DeckLink. Cinegy Ingest Cluster Architecture; Encoding in Detail loads the client part of Cinegy Ingest, allowing unattended work of the client machines in the cluster. The plug-in panels appear when working in the "engineer's mode".

It is very important to provide enough performance for the ingest station as well. Cinegy LLC. Pennsylvania Ave, 6th floor, Washington, DC , USA. +1 Cinegy GmbH. Muellerstr, Munich, Germany. +49 Cinegy Open documentation site. Tag: Cinegy Ingest. Cinegy Ingest/Outgest · Cinegy on Facebook · Cinegy on Twitter · Cinegy on VK · Cinegy on LinkedIn. Registered RTP streams can be captured from the Ethernet networks via Cinegy Ingest in the same way as other live sources. Cinegy Encode has the ability to. Cinegy Ingest. cinegy_ingest. Real-time SD & HD multi-format ingest:Cinegy Ingest enables real-time ingest of SD and HD media (plus metadata). Cinegy Ingest.